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Dadaism by Tehonlyme
We are studying Dadaism in my art class, and this was my submission.
I personally believe it would make a great band album cover.
Bro's who do each other by Tehonlyme
Bro's who do each other
Bickslow and Freed are the best example of bros. Though they are vastly different from each other, they still accept each other for who they are and what they believe. 

I ship it. 
Just a bit.

Introducing my BixEed ship name 'bro's who do each other' 
Freed-n-Rufus WIP by Tehonlyme
Freed-n-Rufus WIP
Not done with this, but I could not fight the urge to post it. I absolutely love Rufus and Freed from Fairy Tail. They are one of my biggest Bro-tp's because LOOK AT EM! Those dang Victorian nerds. I love them

This will eventually be a tee shirt design offered on my RedBubble account


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United States
A lot of things have happened in my life and needless to say there will be many more changes that have yet to come. My childhood (though I know I am still young) was one of constant change and little attachment. We have moved more times than I care to count, and there is furniture, bikes, and toys that have faded from my memory that we have had to leave behind. Still moving brought adventure and change into my life and made me more adaptable, its shaped and molded me as a person so in a way I am grateful for all the crazy days. I have always liked to draw but it was never natural to me. I think I was 13 when I really learned about art, through one of my close friends. We had just been sketching some things up and she decided she wanted to teach herself to draw...This was strange to can't just draw right? You have to go to art school and go to coffee shops and have big ideas about the world.......Right? Well she blew my childish narrow mind and that night we started to draw. I thought of styles I liked and wanted to be more like. Avatar and Pokemon interested me most so I did a little research and thats about how I found out about anime. My sister had wanted to be a writer at the time, and I realized so did I, so thats how writing became my second love. The years have gone by so quickly and I will be the first to say I still have a lot to learn and experience in art, literature and life.
Lets get the finger typing and burn this keyboard up with the lightning fast speed as I recap the things that have happened lately. I can't remember the last time I felt compelled to write here, or anywhere for that matter. As much as I love using the internet as my personal feeling jam journal, its really not the safest or most thought out plan of mine. 

Either way, I feel like getting it out there today. My life is getting weird, and I am really uncertain if it is the kind of weird I want.

I am in my last year of High School and for the moment, passing all of my classes, about to go to community college...not sure how I feel about that one...

I have a pretty nice DeviantArt, scattered with drawings I am fairly proud of, and can see visible improvement in my skills every now and again. I'm not only learning new techniques but branching out to new styles and ways of drawing. 

My FanFiction account has gotten large enough for a first time publisher like me, and my story seems to be pretty original and well received, with only good reviews. 

I've even started a Tumblr ask blog called Freed-n-Friends, and even though it seems to be failing a bit, it still brings me happiness to check it every day. 

I have too many ideas to draw and not enough time to get them done well, and people have really started to notice my talent, asking me to do a few commissions. 

I'm going to have to leave all of my friends to go to a state I really do not like...and I was just now starting to adjust here. I was in a car accident and will probably be paying it off for the next ten years...then my car was flooded. A text book and two of my favorite art books were demolished...and everyday I wake up more tired than the last...

But we take the good with the bad and look at the bright side. College may not be as bad as High School, and I didn't hurt or get hurt in the accident, my car still runs and is reliable, and my sketch book didn't take any water damage. Everyday I wake up more experienced and hopefully more capable of taking on this cold and harsh world.

I know a lot of people are not having such an easy time...but I hope you all know there are better days, and to every dark there is a light. Keep your heads up and carry on. I've been having a hard time for a while, but I am not losing hope. I'm counting my blessings and accepting that things could be much much worse. I want you all to be safe and fight for your happiness!

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